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Connecticut wastewater treatment plant gets a new floor!

wastewater treatment plant concrete floor renovation connecticut savy and sons lining pro6

The crew finished a major restoration project in a chemical containment room located at a wastewater treatment plant. The concrete floor had deteriorated due to years of exposure to chemicals. We removed the contaminated concrete, installed new structural steel rebar, poured new concrete and finished with a high chemical resistant epoxy coating to protect the […]

Lining a Chemical Storage Containment Area

lined this chemical storage containment area

We recently lined this chemical storage containment area. First, we water blasted the recessed flooring to remove any debris from the surface. Once the surface was clean, we then hand applied a prime coating to the new structure to seal the concrete, before finishing with the application of Epoxytec CPP. This highly adhesive protective liner is […]

Savy & Sons Saves The Day Again!

This customer was experiencing backups, using our CUES Inc. Pearpoint Camera Crawler, allows us to have eyes underground, we located the problem areas, cleared out a slight blockage and also found part of the pipe had collapsed. We will be back to fix the collapsed portion and install our Perma-Liner Industries, LLC. Cured-In-Place-Pipe lining system, leaving the customer […]

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