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The contractors on this website can:


Before Lining

Observe the root intrusion, cracks, voids, and scaling on this host pipe. All of these pipe problems can be solved without digging the old pipeline and most repairs can be made from above ground through a cleanout.

After Lining

Notice the pipe has a completely rehabilitated interior. All of the pipe problems have been addressed and corrected through the process of hydro-jetting and relining the host pipe. The repair is seamless and jointless.

Latest Sewer Repair Contractors Published To Lining Pro

These contractors have shown expert knowledge in the trenchless pipelining industry. We handpick featured cipp installers and show them on our home page because we feel they go above and beyond in their service areas. While all of the sewer repair contractors on this website must be excellent in what they do, these featured cipp installers go the extra mile to keep their customers happy. 

Latest Sewer Equipment Manufacturers Published to Lining Pro

The manufacturers you see listed below provide products, services, systems or equipment in the underground industry. Check them out.


Trenchless Sewer Repair Contractors in Your Area

Do you have a broken sewer pipe? Browse our Trenchless Sewer Repair Contractor database. Lining pro is a United States database directory of highly qualified sewer repair contractors who have a proven reputation for quality & reliability. The sewer repair contractors shown on Lining Pro have performed hundreds of sewer lining projects with a very high success rate. Don’t dig & replace your sewer pipes. Use Perma-Liner’s patented CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) technologies to rehabilitate the pipeline from the inside out. 

Why trust this site?

We’re always watching the industry. This website is independently run by an independent third party to any specific manufacturer or lining company. 

Contractors can pay to be placed on this website only after we verify their trenchless lining experience. Here are some of the credentials we check prior to publishing them on our website directory:

Who should use this site?

Homeowners: Any homeowner looking to have their sewer, manhole, HVAC, potable water supply or plumbing system repaired or replaced. If you were told you need to dig & replace your old sewer pipes, browse our contractor database and talk to them. There are better methods of repairing your sewer or underground infrastructure. 

Contractors: If you run a reputable, honest trenchless sewer lining company or you are a plumber that performs trenchless repairs, get listed on our directory. We can assist your business in generating leads through our installer database. Homeowners & business owners can search your company by location radius and have free will to contact you if they choose.

wastewater treatment plant concrete floor renovation connecticut savy and sons lining pro6
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Connecticut wastewater treatment plant gets a new floor!

The crew finished a major restoration project in a chemical containment room located at a wastewater treatment plant. The concrete floor had deteriorated due to years of exposure to chemicals. We removed the contaminated concrete, installed new structural steel rebar, poured new concrete and finished with a high chemical resistant

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lined this chemical storage containment area
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Lining a Chemical Storage Containment Area

We recently lined this chemical storage containment area. First, we water blasted the recessed flooring to remove any debris from the surface. Once the surface was clean, we then hand applied a prime coating to the new structure to seal the concrete, before finishing with the application of Epoxytec CPP. This

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Savy & Sons Saves The Day Again!

This customer was experiencing backups, using our CUES Inc. Pearpoint Camera Crawler, allows us to have eyes underground, we located the problem areas, cleared out a slight blockage and also found part of the pipe had collapsed. We will be back to fix the collapsed portion and install our Perma-Liner Industries, LLC. Cured-In-Place-Pipe

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Broken sewer lateral? Use one of these sewer repair contractors to repair the connection between your home’s sewer line to the city mainline.

There are better options to repair a damaged or worn-out manhole by using epoxy coatings. Don’t dig & replace your manhole, Call one of these sewer contractors first. 

Broken sewer mainline? Don’t dig up your streets, curbs, sidewalks, etc. One of our sewer repair contractors can provide insight on possibly relining the mainline.

The drain cleaning contractors on our site are some of the best in the plumbing industry. If you need a good drain rooter, you’ve come to the right place. 

There are better options to repair a damaged or worn-out manhole by using epoxy coatings. Don’t dig & replace your manhole, Call one of these sewer contractors first. 

Broken sewer mainline? Don’t dig up your streets, curbs, sidewalks, etc. One of our sewer repair contractors can provide insight on possibly relining the mainline.

Use this site when you don't know who to hire

A failing sewer line can be scary. Most general plumbing contractors recommend dig & replace methods because that’s all they know. There’s a better way to fix your broken sewer.

Trenchless pipelining is the process of repairing your broken sewer lateral or broken sewer main from above ground using the cured in place pipe relining method. This method of sewer repair will save you thousands of dollars. The repair takes one day on average and you will not need to dig up your old pipes. 

Sewer repair contractors

What is Trenchless Sewer Repair?

The art of repairing broken sewer pipes from above ground. Trenchless pipelining or trenchless sewer repair means you do not have to dig a trench or excavate the old sewer pipeline to make a repair.

Most average plumbers do not have the tools or the expertise to perform these trenchless sewer repairs. These plumbing contractors will typically make suggestions to dig & replace the old pipes because this is all they know.

Our trenchless sewer repair directory has our handpicked verified sewer repair contractors that can fix your sewer pipe on the first trip without costly excavation.

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